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"Our daughter had a rather severe bout of jaundice and had to spend the night in the hospital after I was discharged. At day 3 we were already separated, she was being supplemented with formula, and I was pumping. Not the start I had planned for! I will forever be thankful for our lactation consultant who came to our home and provided the most amazing support. However our baby girl was still struggling. She had a good latch but was unable to effectively transfer. In hindsight these were the initial symptoms of torticollis. She always looked to the right, had a rather extreme amount of tension on the floor of her mouth, and fell asleep at the breast. We continued to struggle - visited two dentists for an suspected tongue tie (thankfully neither performed a frenectomy) and spent a fortune on chiropractic care to combat the mysterious tension. I mentioned it to the pediatrician at all of our well child visits. The doctor advised that we watch for potential flat spots but never gave a diagnosis. At about 10 weeks I scheduled an appointment to solely discuss this topic with a new pediatrician. I was worried sick. By then she was only looking to the right, was tilting her head to the left, and wasn't using her left arm nearly as much as the right. Finally a diagnosis, torticollis! We began physical therapy and the results were almost immediate. We performed the prescribed at home exercises with every diaper change. Now at 16 weeks we are moving from exclusively pumping to breastfeeding. She is no longer in pain, that tongue is moving, and she is nursing!"

-Maggie S

"When my daughter was born, her little body was stuck in a sympathetic state and after only one session with Dr Katie, I noticed such a dramatic improvement in her awareness and ability to nurse appropriately. The relief I felt! We continued CST with her because of tongue and lip ties and the support it gave my little girl to be able to nurse and sleep was AMAZING. It got rid of so much of the tension she was holding in her body and gave her body the ability to thrive through the release of both ties. I loved how gentle and careful Dr Katie was when handling my girl. You could tell she loves her job and loves each of the littles that come through their door. I would give more than 5 stars if I could!"

- Heather

"The PhysioBaby team provided flexibility with scheduling and in-home therapy for our lip/tongue-tie baby which certainly helps when you have a newborn. Our therapist was friendly and super knowledgeable - the therapist even helped educate us along the way and left us with tips to help us maintain our baby's progression between sessions. 100% would recommend and take advantage of their knowledge if needed with another baby."

- Michael

"I've had the unique experience of watching each Birmingham-based practitioner work with my little lady. And oh, what progress she's made! The PhysioBaby team is made up of angels who are clearly doing what they're meant to do in the world, and it's truly wonderful to witness!"

- Katie

"Dr Katie and Dr Sam offer excellent pediatric physical therapy services. As a pelvic floor physical therapist, I often discuss concerns that Moms are having with their little ones and love that I can confidently refer to PhysioBaby for the needs of their sweet babies. I highly recommend them for any pediatric therapy needs."

- S

"I'm so glad I reached out to Dr Katie when I got concerned about a flattening spot on my daughter's head at just 4 weeks old. PhysioBaby was quick to set up an evaluation within the next week, and we got started right away with interventions. My daughter has made TREMENDOUS strides and loves her weekly visits with Dr Katie! Truly the best experience, and I just know how successful the final results are going to be!"

- L

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