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Our daughter had a rather severe bout of jaundice and had to spend the night in the hospital after I was discharged. At day 3 we were already separated, she was being supplemented with formula, and I was pumping. Not the start I had planned for! I will forever be thankful for our lactation consultant who came to our home and provided the most amazing support. However our baby girl was still struggling. She had a good latch but was unable to effectively transfer. In hindsight these were the initial symptoms of torticollis. She always looked to the right, had a rather extreme amount of tension on the floor of her mouth, and fell asleep at the breast. We continued to struggle - visited two dentists for an suspected tongue tie (thankfully neither performed a frenectomy) and spent a fortune on chiropractic care to combat the mysterious tension. I mentioned it to the pediatrician at all of our well child visits. The doctor advised that we watch for potential flat spots but never gave a diagnosis. At about 10 weeks I scheduled an appointment to solely discuss this topic with a new pediatrician. I was worried sick. By then she was only looking to the right, was tilting her head to the left, and wasn't using her left arm nearly as much as the right. Finally a diagnosis, torticollis! We began physical therapy and the results were almost immediate. We performed the prescribed at home exercises with every diaper change. Now at 16 weeks we are moving from exclusively pumping to breastfeeding. She is no longer in pain, that tongue is moving, and she is nursing! 

~Maggie S., Houston,TX July 2020

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