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Overlooked Signs of Tightness in Your Baby’s Body

Addressing tightness in a baby's body is important, as tightness can affect their development and overall well-being. Tightness, also known as muscle tension or fascial straining, can occur in infants for a variety of reasons, including prematurity, birth trauma, neurological conditions and genetic disorders. Some signs of tightness are more obvious - things like:

Restricted movements Frequent spitting up Inability to be comfortable on both sides of the body But there are several symptoms of tightness that may be hiding in plain sight, and we want you to be informed!

Here’s our list of what to watch for: Frequent Hiccups We can all agree that the sound of baby hiccups are adorable! And while they are relatively common, this can be a sign that there is midline tension through their little bodies. Many pregnant women report feeling their baby hiccupping in utero, which is a completely safe and normal experience! Fortunately, as tension in the body is relieved, you will notice less hiccups in your sweet baby. Splotchy Skin on Hands and

Feet It can also be relatively common to notice changes in your baby’s skin color and tone, especially on their hands and feet during the early newborn weeks! As they begin to grow, noticing splotchy or purply-skin tones in the extremities can mean that your little one is constricting, or experiencing tightness, in other areas. Extension Have you ever noticed your baby seeming to dive backwards, looking like they’re trying to do a back-flip? If your baby needs to change positions, that’s one thing, but if you consistently notice the arching in their back that tilts their head back and pushes their tummy forward, this is what we call extension. Extension is a pretty clear sign that there is tightness in the body, and specifically, in the core. One quick way to alleviate this is by bringing baby’s bent legs up towards their abdomen. A baby can’t stay in extension in this position! For a true assessment of tightness in your baby’s body, contact us today! We’d love to customize a therapeutic plan for your little one, so that they can feel their best!

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