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Expert Therapy
for Infants, Children ... the whole Family


We practice holistic therapy and wellness for infants and children, embracing all dynamics of child  development.

Body & Structure

  • Address myofascial imbalances and alignment concerns to promote postural symmetry, functional range of motion and strength

  • Promote sensory integration for optimal neuromotor engagement


  • Optimize motor skill development, including postural control and dynamic coordination, using neurodevelopmental facilitation strategies

  • Achieve milestones and attain lasting improvement in overall function


Personalized Care

As a concierge practice, we provide your baby therapy and wellness services in a more personalized, efficient and attentive manner; based on what’s best for your child. We are often available for next day appointments and are easily accessible by phone or messaging. We aim to operate without a waitlist and you will consistently see the same therapist.


Direct Access
to Therapy

Patients now have "Direct Access" to physical therapy, enabling a patient to be evaluated by a physical therapist and receive short-term care. Once it is established that physical therapy is an effective treatment method for a patient, a plan of care is established and provided to the patient's physician to optimize medical collaboration. Call today, you do not need a referral for an evaluation.

Gentle touch, healing hands; helping your child thrive

PhysioBaby logo 6-2022 png web.png
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