Expert Therapy
for Infants and Children

Gentle touch, healing hands; helping your child thrive


You may be concerned about your child's developmental skill progression, including feeding and postural control, due to a number of reasons such as prematurity, torticollis, congenital birth anomalies (including ankyloglossia) or developmental delay. 


PhysioBaby's experts are committed to providing individualized therapeutic interventions so that your little one can surpass developmental milestones and achieve optimum function. 



Holistic therapeutic treatment approach for infants and children, embracing all dynamics of a developing child including postural control, sensorimotor systems, and neurodevelopmental progression. Our approach is to address myofascial restrictions and imbalances, promote range of motion and strengthening, and then follow up with neurodevelopment facilitation in good postural alignment; this is where we facilitate optimal functional patterns with gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and even feeding posture. We also assess head shape and provide therapeutic guidance for improvement, including screening for referral to head shaping clinic. This wholistic approach will help us to attain lasting improvement. 

Our babies, our most precious gift. Our mission is to bring pediatric physical therapy and wellness services catered to your child, closer to home in the Houston, Texas area. After often waiting on long wait lists and finally starting outpatient physical therapy, babies easily become over stimulated and overwhelmed, making effective therapeutic interventions challenging to achieve. In the convenience of your home, we can help you incorporate developmental, therapeutic, and wellness interventions into your world. 


Personalized Care 

As a concierge practice, we provide your baby therapy and wellness services in a more personalized, efficient and attentive manner; based on what’s best for your child. We are often available for next day appointments and are easily accessible by phone or messaging. We aim to operate without a waitlist and you will consistently see the same therapist.


Direct Access to Therapy 

Patients now have "Direct Access" to physical therapy, enabling a patient to be evaluated by a physical therapist and receive short-term care. Once it is established that physical therapy is an effective treatment method for a patient, a plan of care is established and provided to the patient's physician to optimize medical collaboration. Call today, you do not need a referral for an evaluation.