Dr Catherine "Katie" Dougherty, PT, DPT

"Dr Katie" is a licensed physical therapist (PT, DPT) owner and lead clinician at PhysioBaby Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC, with over 10 years of experience in pediatric therapy. After completing her doctorate at The University of Alabama at Birmingham, she honed her career skills at Texas Children's Hospital, contributing to innovative therapy program development in the Plagiocephaly Clinic, Vascular Anomalies Center, and Lung Transplant Program. Catherine is a certified lymphedema therapist (CLT-LANA) and has advanced skills in pediatric myofascial release with a particular niche in "ankyloglossia bodywork." She has special interests in holistic, multidisciplinary therapeutic treatment for babies and young children with neurodevelopment and postural concerns. Dr Katie is also a wife and mom to her young children, a daughter and a son.

"As a pediatric physical therapist, I believe in meeting a baby and their family where they are on their journey. I aim to support comprehensive needs of baby and family along the way. This means becoming a part of the baby’s world and prioritizing what is important to the baby and family to achieve. Meeting physical and emotional needs of a baby and their family is critical to achieve optimal outcomes through physical therapy.


As a parent, I believe that my worlds as a pediatric physical therapist and mom complement one another in a special way.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I look forward to learning more about you and your precious baby!"

Texas Children's Hospital ​

Advanced Clinical Specialist, 2012-2020


Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2011

Bachelor of Science in Biology (B.S.)

University of Alabama, 2007

Memberships: American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), Texas Physical Therapy Association (TPTA), Lymphology Association of North America (LANA)


Owner, lead Physical Therapist

Dr Jenn

Furtado, PT, DPT

"Dr Jenn" is a licensed pediatric physical therapist (PT, DPT) at PhysioBaby Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC, with years of experience in pediatric therapy. Jenn honed her dynamic pediatric therapy skills at Texas Children’s Hospital in neurodevelopmental outpatient, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and multidisciplinary Plagiocephaly Clinic. 


Dr Jenn is also a Certified Passenger Safety Technician. Dr Jenn joined PhysioBaby in December of 2020. Dr Jenn is also a wife and mom to her two young sons. 


Texas Children's Hospital ​

Clinical Specialist 2016

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, 2016

Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Science

University of Nebraska, 2010

Physical Therapist

Dr Erin

Jacob, PT, DPT

Dr. Erin is a licensed physical therapist (PT, DPT) and joins the PhysioBaby Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC, with 7 years of specialized pediatric therapy experience. After completing her doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, she began her career in critical and acute care pediatrics at Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH). 


She quickly found her niche in TCH's Heart Center, working primarily within the cardiovascular ICU (CICU) and progressive care units. Erin focused much of her career on pediatric rehabilitation surrounding heart and lung transplant, ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation, and neurological insults. Neonatal therapeutic positioning, developmental skill progression, myofascial interventions, and early post-op mobility were also areas of special interest. 


Treating neonates through adults with congenital heart disease, Erin began to see barriers faced by her patients after prolonged hospitalization. Many patients did not receive sufficient therapy interventions upon hospital discharge due to lack of available coverage or therapy providers refusing treatment due to complex diagnoses. Erin is passionate about helping patients, including those with complex needs, receive the skilled physical therapy interventions needed to reach their full, functional potential. She looks forward to applying her years of critical care expertise to a new setting. 


Erin was a contributing member of the Heart Failure and Lung Transplant multidisciplinary teams; also assisting with the outpatient adolescent sports medicine and aquatic therapy programs for intervals of time during her time at TCH. In 2018, she had the honor of presenting with colleagues at the Combined Sections Meeting on the topic of Early Mobility in the Pediatric ICU setting.


Erin is also a wife and mother to a young son and daughter.


Texas Children's Hospital

Clinical Specialist 2014- 2021 (or just use my starting year, idk)


Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

UT Southwestern Medical Center, 2013


Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Ouachita Baptist University, 2010

Physical Therapist

Dr Kelsey

Brown, PT, DPT

"Dr Kelsey" is a licensed physical therapist (PT, DPT) and advanced clinician at PhysioBaby Physical Therapy & Wellness, LLC, with extensive experience in pediatric therapy. She also began her career at Texas Children’s Hospital where she gained opportunities for mentorship and continued education classes that honed her skill set for working with young children, particularly with diagnosis of torticollis and developmental delay. She is proficient in “typical” development which allows for a keen clinical eye for postural alignment and gross motor skills, especially in the first year of life.


Dr Kelsey is a certified Pediatric Aquaticist, providing care for children 0- 21 years of age  with a myriad of diagnoses, treatment in the aquatic environment. Dr Kelsey joined PhysioBaby in August of 2020, with the intent to provide concierge infant care to those at risk for developing maladaptive movement patterns stemming from postural or neurologic impairment. Kelsey has a newfound passion working with babies needing ankyloglossia body work associated with a diagnosis of lip and/or tongue ties, assisting in the pre and post rehab to prevent long standing myofascial restriction and tightness that can greatly affect normal development, feeding efficiency and postural control, among other things. Kelsey is also a wife and mom to her daughter.


Texas Children's Hospital ​

Clinical Specialist, 2013-2020

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, 2013

Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Sports Science

Texas State University, 2009

Physical Therapist

Chelsea Kerr

Chelsea Kerr joined the PhysioBaby Physical Therapy & Wellness Team as our Patient Care Coordinator in the Fall of 2020. Chelsea holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology with a focus in Human Movement Science from Louisiana State University. 


Chelsea has gained valuable industry experience through her time spent as a Physical Therapy (PT) Tech in both the Texas Children’s and Memorial Herman Hospital systems. After briefly taking time away, Chelsea found herself thriving as an Executive Administrative Assistant where her focus moved to a coordination and quality of service role. Her skills and experience, not only in the PT industry, but also in coordinating quality customer care make her an unmatched asset too all. When she is a not helping the PhysioBaby team, Chelsea is likely spending time at home with her husband and their two beautiful girls.


“Often, the Patient Care Coordinator is the first and occasionally the last point of contact the family has in the care process. With this in mind, I believe that the level of care provided by the DPT must be replicated in all aspects of the process from introduction to discharge.”


Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology with concentration in Human Movement Science

Louisiana State University, 2014

Patient Care Coordinator


Dr Kim

McClure, PT, DPT

We are so excited to introduce you to our newest physical therapist addition, Dr Kim McClure, PT, DPT! Her full bio is coming soon!

Physical Therapist

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